iPhone 15 design with titanium case could have iPhone 5C-style rounded back – leak

A leaker with a decent track record revealed that the design of the iPhone 15 will have a titanium body and may feature a rounded back rather than the boxy edges of current models.

This could give the iPhone line a profile next year , similar to the iPhone 5C, where the front of the case was square and the back was rounded.

ShrimpApplePro has tweeted a report that they warn is far from accurate at this stage.

Based on early information I have, the iPhone 15 will have a new frame design. The corner of the trailing edge (as shown in the images) will be rounded instead of square.

The material will also be titanium.

It's still very early, so take it as it is. .

The original published images, which were purely illustrative and not the actual case, were not very clear in their purpose, but the source of the leak clarified that the information points to a similar Apple 5C profile.


They seem to be more confident in titanium than the rounded back profile.

ShrimpApplePro has a decent , though not a perfect track record of precision, including 6GB of RAM for all iPhone 14 models, not just the Pro models.

While the sharp-edged, square design language has proved hugely popular — Apple is using it on MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones—some have complained that it makes it harder to lift the iPhone off the table, despite the camera bump providing some lift.

A square front with a rounded back can solve this problem, not making the design too different – and Apple is already doing it with a MacBook without compromising the look of the slab:

As ShrimpApplePro says, take it with a grain of salt for now skepticism, but it seems at least plausible. As for the titanium, maybe that's another way to differentiate the Pro models.

In addition to the iPhone 15 design changes, we're certainly expecting a number of new features – and potentially a new top model name. Check out our recent roundup of early rumors.

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