iPhone 14 Pro Max gets Samsung-like curved display in latest Mod project

Posted by Hartley Charlton

A technician has modified the iPhone 14 Pro Max to include a Samsung Galaxy-style curved display.

Twitter @lipilipsi, self-proclaimed iPhone hardware expert , specializing in the modification of aftermarket Apple devices, showed off its latest project with several images and a short video. The modification includes the replacement of the ‌iPhone‌ and adding a new display, but all other components of the device remain the same.

The curved display is particularly reminiscent of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which have curved displays along the left and right horizontal edges since the launch of the Galaxy Note the Edge in 2014 .

@lipilipsi did some other creative things for the ‌iPhone‌ modifications, including adding a rear display with an Apple Watch, switching the iPhone 13's Lightning port to USB-C, and moving the entire device into a transparent case to show the internals.

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