iPhone 14 Pro availability improves despite pickers turmoil

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IPhone 14 Pro lead times outside of China have been slightly reduced, but ongoing COVID-related staffing issues at main iPhone factory are still a problem .

JP Morgan's Apple Product Availability Tracker week 12 showed mixed results for all major iPhone 14 models. Globally, lead times for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus increased from 2 days in week 11 to 3 days, and for Pro and Pro Max, the time dropped to an average of 35 days from 41 days the week before.

Shorter lead times for Pro models are seen as “an encouraging trend in terms of improved supply” according to JP Morgan. In most regions outside of China, lead times have been reduced.

However, increased lead times in China are said to show that problems still persist at the Zhengzhou plant in China, which is the main manufacturer of Apple's Pro models. Continued problems at the plant could mean it will take time for “supply and demand to strike a balance compared to years past,” according to an AppleInsider tracker.

However, the overall shortening of lead times for models “seems to indicate that the worst is being passed by due to supply issues,” write the analysts behind the tracker. The ongoing situation and delays in returning to normal production levels at the plant “may limit the pace of balancing supply and demand in the coming months”, although supply has already recovered somewhat.

Compared to the iPhone 13 generation, production times for the base iPhone 14 model are relatively similar to previous versions, while the Pro models are now comparatively longer.

In the United States, lead times for iPhone 14 and Plus have remained relatively stable at 4 days from 3 days a week earlier, while for Pro models this has dropped to 33 days from 40 days. While the iPhone 14 and Plus are available for same-day pickup, the Pro models are largely unavailable.

For China, the base models stay for 2 days, which is in line with the iPhone 13 comparison. The Pro and Pro Max lead times are still 43 days, which is the longest lead time in all monitored regions.

In Europe, the lead time for iPhone 14 and Plus in Germany and the UK is 4 days, up from 1 day a week ago, which is said to match the iPhone 13. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is 32 days in Germany compared to 39 days a week earlier and 33 days in the UK compared to 40 days.

For Tracker wearables, supply and demand are balanced. For the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra, JPM says lead times of 6, 7, and 4 days remain consistent from a week earlier.

The second generation AirPods Pro lead time has slightly increased from 2 to 3 days.

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