iPhone 12 ban in France due to Russian power forces Belgium to ask questions too

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Belgium joins list of countries considering potential health risks associated with iPhone 12 radio signal power levels, following concerns raised by French regulators.

On Tuesday, France banned the sale of the iPhone 12 for exceeding legal radio frequency exposure limits. Regulators are now poised to demand a full recall of all iPhone 12 models in circulation if Apple fails to respond.

The move prompted Belgium to reconsider the iPhone 12 due to health and safety concerns.

“It is my duty to ensure the safety of all citizens…” said Mathieu Michel, Belgium's Secretary of State for Digitalization, in a statement emailed to Reuters.

Other countries, such as Italy and Germany, said they would monitor the situation but did not commit to taking any action.

It is important to understand that radio frequency (RF) radiation is different from ionizing radiation produced by radioactive isotopes or the sun. The methods of causing harm are also different. Ionizing radiation damages molecular bonds within cells, leading to damage, and high levels of radiofrequency radiation can heat tissue and potentially cause damage.

Radiation exposure is measured differently in different countries, using units such as gray, sievert or rem per hour. However, specific absorption rate (SAR) is a more universal measure.

SAR refers to the rate at which the body absorbs radiofrequency energy, which generates heat but does not necessarily indicate the extent of damage caused. It is unclear at what levels RF exposure can cause harm, and there is no scientific evidence that a cell phone can generate 10 times the levels of RF radiation — even 10 times more than France's results for iPhone 12 — causes any adverse health effects

Apple has denied allegations from the French ministry that the iPhone 12 exceeds legal limits for exposure to radio frequency radiation. The company intends to challenge the sales ban and is also challenging the AFNR testing results.

Apple will remain in contact with the agency and work to resolve the issue to ensure the model is not completely recalled.

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