iOS 17 release date? That's when it will launch

Apple released the iOS 17 developer beta at WWDC in June and the first public beta in July. Now that the iPhone 15 launch event is set for September 12, the official public launch of iOS 17 is almost here. Keep an eye on the iOS 17 release date.

Update 9/12: Apple has confirmed iOS 17. It will be available to everyone on Monday , September 18.

Apple unveiled its major new version of iOS at the WWDC keynote and launched the first developer beta within hours.

iOS 17 includes iPhone updates and changes , such as the new StandBy smart display mode, new messaging features, live voicemail, contact posters, new health features, big upgrades over AirPods Pro 2, and more.

If you don't want to wait approx. one week before the official launch, you can install the public beta version, which is currently very stable.

  • Here's how to install the iOS 17 beta

iOS 17 release date

Official Public Release

  • At the iPhone 15 event on Tuesday, September 12th, we, most likely we will see the Official launch of iOS 17 on the week of September 18
  • A special event was the release of Apple iOS 14 the next dayiPhone 12 event in 2020, but historically the company typically releases a major update 6-9 days after the event.

Here's a look at iOS releases over the past four years:

  • iOS 16: 16 September 2022 (after the event of September 7)
  • iOS 15: September 20, 2021 (after the September 14 event)
  • iOS 14: September September 16, 2020 (after the September 15 event)
  • iOS 13: September 19, 2019 . (after the event on September 10)

When will iOS 17 be released? – summing up

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I'm still finding it It's a little strange that the iPad running on the same chip as the iPhone X will get iPadOS 17, but the iPhone X won't get iOS 17. I know iOS and iPadOS are a little different now, but still, the iPhone X will certainly be able to run running iOS 17. ?

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With the ability to sign up for and install beta versions of iOS directly from iPhone Settings on iOS 16.4 and later, testing the new OS is easier than ever.

But if you want to wait, the official public release is just around the corner.

Are you planning to run the upcoming beta or will you wait for the finalized public release? Share in the comments!

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