iOS 17.1: How to Shuffle Photo Album on Lock Screen

by Tim Hardwick

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.1 this week, and among other features, the update includes a new lock screen personalization option for iPhone. Here's how to make your lock screen wallpaper switch between photos from a specific album in your photo library.

In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has given users the ability to customize the lock screen in ways that were simply not possible in earlier versions of its mobile software, and one feature that has proven particularly popular is the ability to shuffle a photo onto the lock screen wallpaper at specific intervals time, and every time you wake up or touch the screen.

In iOS 17.1, Apple expanded this feature so that you can now shuffle images from a specific album into your Photos Library, rather than manually selecting individual photos or relying on Apple's People, Pets presets ” , Nature and Cities. The following steps show how to do this on an iPhone running iOS 17.1.

  1. Wake your iPhone and use Face ID to unlock it, but don't swipe up on the lock screen.
  2. Tap and hold the lock screen until the wallpaper gallery appears, then tap the blue + button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Shuffle Photos in the wallpaper menu.

  4. Click on the new Album option, then select the photo album you want from your library. would like to switch between them.
  5. Next, select Mixing frequency: Daily, Hourly, On. Lock or Press.

  6. Tap Use Album to move on.

  7. Tap the screen to view the photos in the selected album as they appear on the lock screen, and tap the clock to customize the font style and color so the time, date, and any widgets remain legible. in the background of all your images.
  8. Click Done in the top right corner to finish, then choose either Set as wallpaper pair to finish, or . >Customize the Home screento customize its appearance individually, and then tap Done.

Tap in the wallpaper gallery to shuffle photos from the new album, to make it alive. You can then tap or wake up your ‌iPhone‌'s screen to change the photo, or wait for the photo to automatically change, depending on the option you choose.


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