iOS 17.1 Beta 3 prevents the action button from activating the camera or flashlight in your pocket

By Julie Clover

In the third beta of iOS 17.1, Apple changed the functionality of the action button to prevent certain actions from being triggered when the iPhone is in a pocket or bag. The Camera, Flashlight, Voice Recorder, Focus, and Magnifier functions no longer activate when you press the Action button if ‌iPhone‌ hidden in your pocket.

Actions that make sense to run in your pocket, such as the mute function and the shortcut can be activated while ‌iPhone‌ is inside the pocket when you long press the action button, but other functions are disabled.

In earlier versions of iOS 17 and iOS 17.1, all action button functions may be accidentally activated in the pocket, draining the ‌iPhone‌ battery drain and causes unwanted recordings and images.

Although the action button requires a long press to activate, there were still complaints about it being activated unintentionally when in a pocket, which this change will prevent for functions that cannot used when ‌iPhone‌ is in your pocket.

Note that these changes only apply to the action button, so there is still the possibility of accidentally turning on the camera or flashlight from the lock screen while ‌iPhone‌ is in your pocket.

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