iOS 17.1 Beta 2 fixes message search bug on iPhone 15 models

Posted by Joe Rossignol

A bug affecting the search function in the Messages app for some iPhone 15 users appears to be fixed in the second beta of iOS 17.1 released this week.

Some early adopters of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models complained that the Messages app's search tool only shows recent messages after transferring content from another iPhone. The issue has been mentioned by several users on the MacRumors and Reddit forums since the devices launched earlier this month.

The bug is present in all versions of iOS 17, up to the first beta of iOS 17.1, but has affected many users. said this was fixed in the second beta of iOS 17.1. After installing the update, it may take a day or more for your device to index and restore old messages. Some users have stated that they need to open the Settings app, tap Messages, tap Siri & Search, turn off all the settings shown, restart the iPhone, and turn those settings back on to resolve the issue.

Pending that iOS 17.1 will be released at the end of October, so users not interested in installing the beta may have to wait a few more weeks for a fix.

(Thanks, Ray Wong!)

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