iOS 16.3 beta includes support for physical security keys

Use security keys as your second login factor


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Starting with iOS 16.3, you will be able to sign in to your Apple ID using a physical security key as a second factor.

On Wednesday, Apple restarted the beta testing process by releasing the first beta version of iOS 16.3. No changes were found in the release notes, but users report that support for a physical security key has been included in the beta.

When using a hardware security key, users will need something like a Yubikey to sign in to their Apple devices or websites. Electronic keys can be connected via USB, Lightning or NFC — this means that the device must be physically present in order for the user to log in.

When setting up a security key, users are prompted to set two so that one is always available as a backup . Users will need two FIDO-certified security keys to complete the setup.

Apple says this feature will be useful for people with a public profile, such as celebrities, journalists, and government officials. The physical security key replaces one of the two authentication factors and eliminates phishing attack vectors.

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