iOS 16.2 features, Apple Music Sing, iCloud advanced data protection


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Apple Announces Apple Music Sing & — a little more seriously — new security features that greatly upset the FBI. Plus the Freeform app and additional lock screen widgets are all in this week's episode of AppleInsider's podcast.

Apple Music Sing is a new karaoke feature that Apple is introducing in iOS 16.2, and probably just in time for you to enjoy or hate Christmas parties this holiday season. Like it or not, one thing is certain — it's not the Apple Music Classical app that Apple promised by the end of the year.

However, starting later this year and continuing through 2023, new security features are being introduced that have left the FBI feeling “deeply concerned.” The feds say they need a backdoor to access our data, and Apple is forcing them to come up with new euphemisms to crack end-to-end encryption.

Somewhat less controversially, the upcoming iOS 16.2 — as well as updates for macOS Ventura and iPadOS — finally introduced us to the new Freeform application from Apple. When you receive it, you will clearly recognize its roots in Keynote, Apple Notes and Pages, — but he takes those best features and makes something soft out of them.

In addition, Apple TV+ has achieved another success — his drama Slow Horses is the first show from the streamer to be nominated for a Writers Guild of Great Britain award.

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  • Apple releases developer release candidate iOS 16.2 beta, iPadOS 16.2, tvOS 16.2, watchOS 9.2
  • iOS 16.2 implements 10-minute AirDrop time limit worldwide
  • Practice with Apple Music Sing on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
  • Apple launches new Apple ID, iMessage and iCloud protections
  • FBI deeply concerned about new Apple protections
  • Apple plans to scan iPhone photos for children Content containing insults are dead.
  • Find My on Mac finally plays the AirTags signal in the latest beta.
  • The iPhone 15 may have USB-C, but the iPhone 17 should.
  • You cannot combine two Apple IDs — but here is what you can do
  • New Pixelmator Pro update adds limited video editing tools
  • Apple adds hundreds of pricing tiers to the App Store, only $0.29
  • Apple Self Repair launches in Europe
  • New Apple Car rumored to debut in 2026 for under $100,000
  • Slow Horses nominated for Writers Guild of Great Britain

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