Instagram introduces group profiles, Twitter-style “notes” feature for text and emoji sharing

by Juli Clover

Meta-owned social network Instagram today announced the launch of a new Notes feature that allows Instagram users to share their thoughts through text and emoji. Notes are described as short messages that can be up to 60 characters, which means they are similar to tweets, but with fewer word support.

Notes can be shared by going to the top of the inbox, selecting followers, or close friends list, and then writing a note and sharing it. Notes will appear at the top of your inbox for 24 hours, and replies will appear as private messages.

During testing, we learned that people love the easy and simple way to share topics, what's on their mind and start a conversation. From asking for recommendations to sharing what they're doing, Notes gives people a relaxed and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect with each other.

Instagram will also soon introduce group profiles, allowing multiple users to share messages and stories through a dedicated shared profile.

Explicit stories are also being tested, and Instagram is aiming to add BeReal-like functionality. Explicit Stories are only visible to those who are also sharing their Explicit Stories, and are meant to “share what you're doing right now.” Instagram will send daily Candid post notifications unless this setting is disabled.

Notes are posted today and Candid Stories is in testing and will be available to some users. Group profiles coming soon.

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