Instagram adds new filters and support for custom stickers from photos

By Julie Clover

Popular social network Instagram has been updated today with a number of improvements designed to give users more options to edit their content before sharing it.

Instagram has added more than 20 new filters that can be used to customize the appearance of images, and this is the first time in several years that filters have been updated. . Some filters add subtle color changes, while others completely change the look by adding blur and other effects. All filters have an intensity slider that allows you to customize the final look.

Along with the new filters, the publishing interface has been simplified. Finding specific images in your camera roll has been made easier with improved previews, as well as the ability to zoom and search by keyword.

Instagram is using its Segment Anything AI model to give users the ability to create custom stickers from their photos. Your own photos and videos or eligible photos and videos posted to Instagram. These features are being tested and may not be available to everyone.

As for Reels, Instagram is testing options for scaling, trimming, and rotating individual clips, and there are also options that can be added from the Clip Hub to create “more memorable content” . The Reels interface is being updated to make tools like Voiceover easier to find, and it's adding undo and redo features.

Instagram Readers have 10 new English text-to-speech voices available. text content, plus six new text fonts and styles to work with. Please note that these features are currently being rolled out and may not be available to all users at this time.

Instagram is a free app, more information about changes can be found on the Instagram blog.

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