Images show MagSafe's “Magic Charger” for iPhone, which Apple has (thankfully) not released

MagSafe arrived on iPhone back in 2020, when the iPhone 12 was introduced. So far, Apple itself has not expanded its line of accessories using MagSafe technology, with the exception of the MagSafe polarized battery pack.

New images posted on Twitter claim to show one MagSafe accessory that Apple apparently developed but abandoned before launch: “Magic Charger”

Images of this unreleased MagSafe accessory appeared on Twitter today from @TheBlueMister, one of several accounts that frequently shares images of unreleased and prototype Apple devices and accessories. Twitter account Duan Rui also shared images of the accessory.

“Magic Charger” the name of the accessory is what appears when that accessory is connected to the Mac. The design of the Magic Charger is an aluminum base with a built-in MagSafe washer. The MagSafe puck can be adjusted to lie flat or rise up at an angle, sort of like a kickstand (but not exactly, more on that below).

No other features are known about the unreleased Magic Charger, and we don't know why Apple never released it. However, the obvious reason is that it doesn't look like a very useful or practical accessory….

9to5Mac look

This is a magic charger on practically useless in practice. It would seem that you would only be able to put your iPhone on the MagIc charger in landscape mode, or put it horizontally when the MagSafe puck is inserted into the base. Portrait mode? Nope.

I would love to see Apple invest more in the MagSafe for iPhone ecosystem. The company offers several accessories that use MagSafe, but all of them received mixed reactions from users.

At the announcement, the MagSafe Duo device was promising, but due to its $129 price tag (charger not included), it was hard to recommend. It is currently even harder to sell as it lacks fast charging support for the latest Apple Watches and has some fit and finish issues with the latest iPhones.

The MagSafe battery also draws some controversy. . While it can be useful for charging your iPhone, the small battery size and bulky design make it impractical for everyday use. The MagSafe Wallet is my personal favorite MagSafe accessory made by Apple, and it really got better with the recent update that added Find My support.

Third-party accessory makers are much better at finding ways to use MagSafe technology in useful and smart ways. Ideally, Apple will do the same at some point, but what we've seen so far is not encouraging – and that “Magic Charger” shows that there are even worse ideas that, fortunately, have not seen the light of day.

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