iFixit takes a closer look at Apple's much-maligned FineWoven iPhone 15 case after teardown

By Julie Clover

With the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, Apple introduced a new body material called FineWoven as an alternative to leather, but unfortunately it's not popular with some customers.

Image of the FineWoven case under a microscope from iFixit
Given the criticism of the FineWoven case, the iFixit disassembly site received one of the accessories and decided to disassemble it to examine closer.

Using a digital microscope, iFixit examined the FineWoven fabric at 52x and 490x magnification, confirming that it is indeed made up of bundles of tightly woven fibers. Each fiber is much smaller than a strand of hair, measuring about six microns thick.

Groups of individual fibers form threads that are about 150 microns thick, and iFixit says Apple is a micro-twill material. usage isn't too far off from high-end jackets from companies like Patagonia and Arc'teryx.

When FineWoven fabric is scratched, the fibers don't break, but the scratch causes damage to the damaged fibers. reflect light unevenly, which means there is a visual mark. The softness of the material also means that items in the case pocket may leave dents.

Because the FineWoven case is made of fabric, it will stain when exposed to hot sauce and oil. , although I could resist coffee. FineWoven Case owners can expect the case to stain when exposed to certain foods or liquids, and iFixit was unable to remove oil or hot sauce stains.

iFixit cut the case open to see how he was collected. Finewoven fabric on the outside, gray foam on the inside. In addition to the gray foam, there is a sheet of hard plastic, MagSafe hardware, white foam, another sheet of hard plastic, and an inner layer of FineWoven fabric. All layers are thin, and the FineWoven fabric itself is about 0.17mm thick.

The sides of the case are made of the same FineWoven fabric, which appears to be coated with a resin-like material to provide rigidity. , non-porous surface.

iFixit recommends that owners of FineWoven cases protect them with Durable Water Repellent spray to make the case more resistant to stains and liquids.

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