iFixit calls 10.9-inch iPad iPad Air, but worse

Apple's 10.9″ iPad


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iFixit's 10.9-inch iPad teardown reveals that the tablet is basically a redesigned iPad Air 4 with odd flaws.

Apple announced the 10.9-inch iPad in a press release in October, and the product has drawn a lot of criticism ever since. It has upgrades like a USB-C port and a panoramic selfie camera, but it lacks Apple Pencil 2 support and Magic Keyboard compatibility.

iFixit conducted a scheduled teardown of the 10.9-inch iPad to find out how it's different and why the second-generation Apple Pencil isn't working. Instead of a redesigned 9th generation 10.2-inch iPad, they found what was essentially an iPad Air 4.

The speakers, Touch ID, and battery are the same for the 10.9-inch iPad and iPad. Air 4. The landscape selfie camera clearly gets in the way of the Apple Pencil's magnetic attachment, and space feels tight.

iFixit calls the 10.9-inch iPad mysterious, interesting, and frustrating at the same time. They recommend that buyers just buy an old iPad Air 4 and avoid weirdness.

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