iCloud for Windows users complain about corrupted videos and photos from strangers

Julie Clover

Apple's iCloud software for Windows appears to be experiencing serious problems for some users, with complaints on the MacRumors forums about corrupted videos and images from strangers appearing in photo libraries.

There are several complaints from customers, who have problems with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models. Videos recorded on iPhone and then synced to ‌iCloud‌ for Windows become black with scan lines, making videos unviewable.

More worryingly, some users are seeing strange photos and videos that don't belong to them appearing in their libraries when they try to view these corrupted videos. . MacRumors reader Sleeping_Ghost explains:

iCloud for Windows distorts videos recorded on the iPhone 14 pro max, resulting in black videos with scanlines. On rare occasions, it inserts frames into videos from unknown sources, possibly from other iCloud accounts. I was shown photos of other people's families that I had never seen in my life, football matches and other random photos. This is obviously very disturbing and doesn't make me feel safe using iCloud.

It's not clear if the photos are images from other ‌iCloud‌ users, but it seems possible. In the thread, users saw random families, children, football matches and other similar photo content.

Deleting the ‌iCloud‌ for Windows doesn't seem to fix the issue as it could be server side and several people have reported it to Apple so the company might be aware. It appears that Windows 11 and Windows 10 are affected and this may only affect devices with certain settings such as HDR and HEVC.

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