iCloud․com just updated features for iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

With the release of iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, Apple has shifted its focus to iCloud on the web. Apple's web apps for Mail, Calendar, and more have been updated to provide compatible functionality across iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions.

iCloud on the web is useful for users who want to access their personal data on a Mac or PC without a system-level login. If you wish, access to can be disabled for your Apple ID as part of Apple's Enhanced Data Protection feature.

Until last fall, the website acted as a virtual home screen for apps.

That's when Apple carried out a major design overhaul that turned it into web design. The current version is based on custom tiles. The updated website promotes this approach by introducing features in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. Here's what's new:


Customize what you see on tiles
Choose a specific folder for notes, an inbox for mail, display only your favorite photos, and more. You can also customize your home page to display multiple layouts of the same tile so you can see more content from your favorite apps. Layout options are accessed from the menu in the bottom left corner of the tile.

Quick actions from tiles
Mark reminders as completed, flag emails, see a file preview in Drive and much more. Perform actions on tiles by hovering over content and selecting  to identify quick actions. If you're using a touch device, swipe left.

Browser notifications
Get notified of new emails or event invitations, or updates with browser notifications on PC . for mail and calendar. You can customize browser notifications in iCloud on the web settings.

Updated design
New designs and layouts for Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Drive, and more
iCloud Mail

Attach from iCloud
Attach photos and files to email messages directly from iCloud.

Easily unsend the email you just sent before it reaches the recipient's inbox .
iCloud Calendar

Calendar Identity ControlControl the email address others see in event invitations, and even use your own email domain to consolidate Calendar and mail IDs. Manage it all in iCloud Calendar settings.

iCloud Drive

List View
Switch between viewing files as icons or as a list using the switch in the upper left corner.

File Preview
Press the Spacebar after selecting a file or photo to quickly view it. preview before opening or downloading it. You can also access Quick View through the options menu.

Access file options
Easy access to actions such as renaming a file or downloading a copy through the options menu .

iCloud Photos

View your memories and play them full screen by tapping a memory .

To view your selection as a slideshow, select Play Slideshow from the menu in the upper right corner.


Linked Notes
Create links to other notes by typing >> or Command + K as a keyboard shortcut to add links while writing a note.

Shared Folders
Collaborate with others on your entire notes folder.

Advanced Search
Use suggested search to refine your search by categories such as general notes, checklists, tags, and more.


Customize your reminders
Add dates, places, flags and more using the edit details button.

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