I dare the universe to take my wallet and keys again

I would like to think of myself as someone who never loses anything. Of course, I lose something all the time, but things always appear. On paper, however, I have lost two things in the last two years. Both times I knew where these things were, but repair was impossible, and replacement was expensive. I swear this will never happen again.

TL;DR I lost my wallet and keys, then bought this and this is for my keys and one of them is for my wallet. I would feel stupid if I didn't do it now.

But I know where I lost it!


I was six months ahead of schedule when I lost my keys in a taxi in November 2020. I was returning home from an early morning flight and realized that my keys had fallen out of the carabiner about 30 seconds after leaving the cockpit. Putting my luggage away, I rushed to the taxi to stop the driver, but they were already rushing to the next customer.

I knew exactly where my keys were! I just couldn't get there. I wasn't too worried as I had all the taxi info and could notify the taxi service. After several phone calls and missing one set of keys, no one was able to help. I was tired from traveling and needed a new apartment key, but at least I had a spare car key inside.

AirTag Ethics

Apple then took over Tile in April 2021 with its own item tracker called AirTag. I bought a few and used them for a while, but to be honest, I didn't feel comfortable with how AirTags are being used to harass people. I haven't really benefited from AirTag yet, so I disabled mine in silent protest.

Apple has since improved AirTag as a preventive measure against location tracking abuse. I still wish Apple would allow Android to enable the same AirTag detection features as the iPhone at the system level – without the need for a separate app.

However, the headlines have moved from AirTag abuse cases to AirTag detection working as intended. Can't fix human nature, but I'm better with AirTag's ethics. Plus, Rocky from Florida found his owner with an AirTag.

But I know who stole it!

Ethically speaking, the last straw for accidentally losing things broke a few weeks ago when my wallet found a new owner.

My wallet slipped out of my pocket onto the carpet in the small waiting room, but the cash inside made it too good to hand it over to whoever found it. Only a few people passed through the room before I realized what had happened, but it was too late.

The whole experience was time consuming and costly. I had to order new bank cards, pay for a visit to the DMV and a notary and a license fee, and also look for a replacement wallet. I love my wallet!

Find my must-haves

Ok, I admit I'm missing out on the important stuff – that's what I do sometimes. I have invested in AirTag for my keys and Chipolo Card Spot for my wallet and now they can be found 100% with the Find My app – both purchases are cheaper than the cost of replacing missing keys and cards.< /p>

One last thing side note: I'm admittedly picky about my wallet (unless it's lost). The keys solution is simple, but wallets feel even more personal.

I love the little wallet that looks like a wallet. It should hold some money and more than three cards, but not be too big in any dimension. For me, this precludes embedding a real AirTag in the wallet.

Given this pickiness, the combination of Bellroy's thin sleeve and Chipolo Card Spot is perfect. The wallet tracker is incredibly thin compared to AirTag and doesn't change the depth of my wallet. The speaker on it is also very loud.

Honestly, I didn't think such an uncompromising solution was possible before, and this is due to why I lost my wallet.

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