Humane Unveils $700 AI Badge with 'Laser Display'

Julie Clover

Humane, a tech startup run by former Apple designer Imran Chaudhry, today officially unveiled its first product, Ai Pin. The $700 Ai Pin is a standalone device that Humane says was built from the ground up for artificial intelligence.

Ai Pin attaches to the garment using a magnetic system that includes a removable battery that also powers the device. The idea is to replace the battery with a new one when necessary, resulting in what Humane calls a “constant power system.” It's unclear how long each battery lasts.

The design of the Ai Pin looks like an Apple Watch with a rounded rectangular shape. It is made of aluminum, available in three colors and has a Gorilla body. Glass touchpad. There is also an “optical sensor capsule”, a 3D depth sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip to power it.

The laser projector inside the Ai Pin can project information onto the user's hand, and this is necessary because there is no standard display. Humane calls the laser projector system a “laser display.” The laser display can be interacted with by rotating and tilting your hand, and selecting an item is accomplished by tapping your finger, similar to the tap used for Apple's own Double Tap feature on Apple Watch.

Touching the Ai Pin and speaking will activate the “Ai Mic”, which can answer questions and help users find information, including details they have previously transferred to the device, such as reminders. It plays music through a “personal speaker” that creates a sound bubble around the wearer and also has a translator function. Human says Ai Ping is “fluent in many languages” and can translate spoken words in real time. There are no apps, all actions and functions are accessed through artificial intelligence.

The built-in 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera can be used to take photos and videos, or using a double finger with two fingers. touch or voice command. Photos can be viewed using the Center website in any web browser. The Center also stores notes you've taken, music you've listened to, reminders, and more.

Users can share their activity and nutrition goals with Ai Pin to track their progress and gain better insight. the energy they receive and give out. Applying a food item to the Ai Pin will allow the device to provide nutritional information and tell the user whether it is “safe” to eat based on their health.

The device has cellular connectivity and can be used to answer phone calls from trusted contacts specified by the user. Humane says Ai Pin is able to intelligently determine what is prioritized if an untrusted contact calls or texts, allowing interaction with, for example, a food delivery person arriving with an order. Calls and text messages can be sent using the Ai Pin, and messages are composed using voice requests.

Ai Pin cannot be activated without direct user interaction, so by default it is not listened to or recorded. When the camera, phone or microphone is activated, a colored “trust light” will light up, which lets others around the user know when the Ai Pin is being used.

Orders for the Ai Pin are set to begin in the US on November 16th. The Ai Pin costs $700. A $24 monthly subscription is also required to use the device on T-Mobile's Humane network.


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