How to use updated text magnification in iOS 17

It still only shows a small area, but the magnifier now increases more and has a clear border

This may be the smallest improvement in iOS 17, but it's fitting because Apple has increased the scale of text so you can see it more clearly. Here's how to use it.

You may have never noticed that this is a feature of iOS at all, but today marks ten years since Apple received a patent for what is sometimes called a magnifier.

It's actually been a lot longer since Apple introduced Magnifier, which is a tool for magnifying text directly under the user's finger. It is named after the small magnifying glass of jewelers or artists.

How to use a magnifying glass in iOS 17

  1. On iPhone, open any website, email, or other text document
  2. Tap and hold a word or line
  3. When Magnifier appears , slowly drag your finger along the line.
  4. Release when you read what you need.

And also enlarge the text under using a magnifying glass, now the entire object is selected where Previously, it was difficult to even define the border. By the way, the magnifying glass's backlight color changes to be clear against any background.

Left: Magnifier in iOS 16. Right: In iOS 17, it magnifies more and has a clear border

This may be the simplest iOS This feature can be used , but it has limitations. Although the text displayed in Magnifier is significantly larger than before, only a small portion of the text is scaled.

So you'll almost certainly have to keep holding and moving your finger slowly to read more.

However, when you do this, you inevitably start selecting elements at the same time. Also, if your finger passes close to an image, that image will not be enlarged and will be selected.

In this case, instead of enlarging a couple of words to make them more prominent, the entire page is now highlighted and you have to click to clear it before enlarging anything else.


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