How to use the new level in the iOS 17 Camera app

It's so It's subtle that you might miss it, but that broken white line in the center of the frame tells you that the phone is at an angle. >

As you use iOS 17, you'll find time and time again that it's the little updates that make a big difference — and one of them is that the Camera app now has a level.

The first thing you need to do to take advantage of iOS 17's excellent new level of spirit is to notice that it's there. Not only is it a very small white line that appears when using the camera app, but it also disappears quickly.

Nevertheless, it exists, and this is typical for Apple — unobtrusive, simple, but exactly what you need.

Turn the level on or off in the Settings, General, Camera menu.

How to set up spirit level in iOS 17

  1. First, check to see if it's already turned on.
  2. Open the Camera app, select Photos
  3. Gently rotate the phone, pausing at regular intervals.
  4. If you briefly see a thin white line in the center, it's a new level.
  5. If not, go to Settings, Camera
  6. Scroll down to Composition
  7. Turn on Level

That's all. Now every time you go to take a photo — except for the panorama — you will get an idea of ​​the spiritual level. It stays on the screen when you rotate your iPhone to landscape or portrait.

When you hold it strictly horizontally or vertically, the level turns yellow. He then leaves, believing he has done his job.

This also works with videos taken using the Apple Camera app.

In the case of video and photography, the goal, of course, is so that you can be sure that you are capturing an even image. You may not want to, but you may well want to take the photo from a different angle, but a level will help you narrow down your horizontal or vertical frames.

It's just a line with no numbers to show how off-axis you are, so it's not useful for shooting when the ideal frame is 22 degrees from horizontal.

The level turns yellow when the frame is balanced vertically or horizontally

But this will help with composition.

If you want iPhone to help you with composition, there is a separate but related feature called grid.

Under the same heading Composition in Settings, Camera there is a switch to turn on the grid.

This grid helps to arrange objects in the frame in the most aesthetic way. Together with the level, all this will help you create the perfect image.

We'll talk more about photography on iPhone 15 soon. But taking it to the next level is a super-fast way to instantly improve your photos.

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