How to use the New Folder with Selection feature in macOS Ventura


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In macOS Big Sur, Apple has added a very useful New Folder with Selection command to the Finder. Here's what it does and how to use it.

The macOS Finder has had a contextual pop-up menu for decades. Control-clicking or right-clicking anywhere on the desktop brings up a pop-up menu with several useful commands such as New Folder, Get Info, Move to Trash, and more.

But starting with macOS Big Sur, Apple has added a cool new command to the top of the pop-up menu when items are selected in the Finder when pressing the Control key: New Folder with Selection.

If you select two or more items in the Finder and then Control-click or right-click, the New Folder menu item changes to New Folder with Selection. Selecting this menu item will automatically create a new folder in place with a cool little jumping animation and then move the selected items into it – all in one step.

How to use New Pick Folder in macOS Ventura

  1. Select two or more items in any Finder window or desktop.
  2. Hold down a key Control, click them, or right-click them.
  3. Choose “New Folder with Selection” from the pop-up menu.

Opening this folder shows all the items you have selected, ready to be opened, sorted or renamed:

This little new feature saves a lot of time: now you can create a folder and put items in it with a single click: no more clicking Command-Shift-N to create a folder and then 2nd and 3rd move to select and drag items into it.

Once created, the Finder even chooses a folder name for you – ready for you to type in so you can give it a new name.

The new menu item is actually also present in the Finder's File menu when used in the same context. But being able to use it right on your desktop with a single click without having to go to the File menu is great.

When you try the new Finder context menu command, you'll wonder how you got along without it before. In fact, after you've used it a few times, the new command becomes oddly addictive – there's power in the fact that you can move a large set of files into a new folder with a single click.

We hope that in the future, Apple will realize that many more items can be added to the Finder context menu. The menu is largely unchanged from the Finder of the 90s, and there are many more features that could be added to speed up workflows.

Possible commands like “Submit” with any storage location, the ability to bulk rename items, or add some sort of password protection to file items would be great. Share sheet in popup menu to send selected items to Notes, Photos or Reminders and then delete them from desktop in 1 step would be great.

Actually, Share already exists in the pop-up menu, but not all apps are supported, and not all file types can be sent to other apps at this time.

A versatile new folder with a selection is a welcome and long overdue addition to the Finder context menu.

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