How to Use Serial Commands with Siri in iOS 17

Siri Activation

Siri can make many different requests, but you'll have to call them multiple times for each one. In iOS 17, you can execute sequential commands in a single session. Here's how.

“You can now issue commands in a row without having to say 'Siri' again,” said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, during WWDC 2023.

Siri was unveiled alongside with the iPhone 4s in 2011 and has since expanded throughout the ecosystem. It has also undergone many changes and gained many new features over the years.

Re-activating Siri for additional questions or commands may be inconvenient. You should repeat “Hey Siri” or hold the side button for each request.

If you often use Siri to control multiple devices around the house, parallel integration will be very convenient for you.

How to issue consecutive commands

Issuing commands in a row is the same as using Siri regularly, but the hardest part is knowing when to make the next request. Here's how to do it successfully.

  1. Activate Siri
  2. Say any request
  3. Allow Siri to answer or complete the request
  4. Then issue another command without activating it again

Multiple commands cannot be superimposed on each other in the same request. You need to wait for Siri to complete the first command before giving the next one.

Using Siri on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

You can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or simply “Siri.” You can also hold the side button to activate them.

Use Siri more effectively

Back to Commands – back eliminates the need to reactivate Siri every time you have an additional question or command. This update makes the virtual assistant more user-friendly and lets you get more done, faster.

Using Siri on the lock screen

Since Siri can now continue listening after your first request, the original problem is ultimately resolved. You can also submit as many follow-up requests as you wish.

Siri can perform back-and-forth commands on devices running iOS 17 or iPadOS 17.

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