How to use Memoji on your iPhone


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Learn how to customize and send Memoji, Memoji stickers, and even use Memoji as a video mascot head.

Apple introduced Memoji with iOS 12 in 2018. Originally animated Memoji — or Animoji, for short — was a way for Apple to showcase some fun uses for its TrueDepth camera.

Apple has expanded its Memoji functionality in iOS 13, allowing all iPhone 6S or iPad 5th generation or later users to enjoy Memoji stickers.

Memoji stickers are stickers that can be customized in the same way as regular ones Memoji, but they work the same way as other stickers available in the Messages app store.

How to create a new Memoji

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  • Open Messages
  • In a message, scroll through the app drawer until you find Memoji or Memoji Stickers
  • Press +
  • Once you create a Memoji, you can access it through both Memoji stickers and Memoji in the Messages app “. bar.

    How to send Memoji in messages

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  • Open
  • In a message, scroll through the app drawer until you find Memoji or Memoji Stickers.
    • To send a static Memoji sticker, click on Memoji Stickers and select a Memoji from the list.
    • To send an animated or custom Memoji expression, press Memoji and use the front camera to control your Memoji's facial expression.

    When sending a standard Memoji, a quick tap will send a Memoji drawing. Also, pressing and holding will allow you to record a Memoji video to send to the recipient.

    Of course, that's not the only thing you can do with Memoji. You can also use the message camera to send a video of yourself with a Memoji head.

    Tip. This feature is only available on devices with FaceID.


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  • Open Messages
  • Press Camera
  • In the lower left corner, tap the star icon
  • Select the Memoji app from the app drawer that appears.
  • Use the front camera to record a Memoji video or take a Memoji selfie
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