How to install the iOS 16.4 beta to get new emojis and other new features

Want to check out all the latest iOS features in advance? Learn how to install the iOS 16.4 beta on iPhone to test out the new emoji, Safari/browser features, fresh Apple Music animations, and more.

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iOS 16.4 beta is not intended by Apple to be installed on your primary iPhone, as performance issues and bugs can be a normal part of the testing process. However, .x releases like 16.4 are generally stable.

The first iOS 16.4 beta brings a number of new features and changes, including new emoji, new Safari and third-party browser capabilities, offline 5G support, shortcuts . and focus mode changes, new animations in the Apple Music app, a beta toggle in settings, and more.

  • Summary: Here are all the new features and changes in iOS 16.4 beta 1

How to install the iOS 16.4 beta

iOS 16.4 is currently a developer-only beta, but a free public beta should be available soon.

Installing the iOS 16.4 beta for Developers

If you're not already an Apple Developer, you'll need ($99/year).

  1. Create a fresh backup of your device in case , if you want to downgrade
  2. On your iPhone, go to the Apple developer website.
  3. Click the icon with two lines in the upper left corner, sign in if you are not already signed in account
  4. Now swipe down and select Software Downloads(under Additional Resources).
  5. Click Install Profile next to iOS 16.4 beta
  6. Click Allow  to load a profile, press Close
  7. Go to Settings on your device and press Profile loaded  ;at the top
  8. Click Install in the upper right corner. – enter a password if necessary.
  9. Read the consent agreement, then click Install twice more
  10. Your iPhone will prompt you to restart your computer to complete the changes.
  11. After reboot, return to Settings > General  > Software Update
  12. IOS 16.4 must be available, click Download and Install
  13. When iOS 16.4 is installed, Apple advises going to Settings » > «Privacy and security». Security to enable the new developer mode if you're working on app development

Here's what the process looks like:

If you want to wait a few days or a week, you can test iOS 16.4 beta 1. with Apple's free public beta program coming soon. The process is pretty much the same, but you'll just start from Apple's public beta site, not the developer's site.

Notably, after updating to iOS 16.4, one of the changes is a toggle to select -to software beta software, both for developers and the general public, so you don't have to go through the above process again. But it also means that developers won't be able to share beta profiles with others going forward.

  • Apple makes it easy for registered developers to install iOS betas, but no longer has profile sharing

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