How to enable end-to-end encryption for iMessage, iCloud, iPhone backups in iOS 16.2

Apple is rolling out a major security improvement in iOS 16.2 that includes the long-requested Full Encryption feature for iMessage in iCloud, iPhone Backup, and eight other apps/categories. As part of this process, you'll need to set up a recovery contact/key – here's how to enable iPhone end-to-end encryption for iMessage, iCloud, device backups, notes, Safari, photos. and more.

iOS 16.2 is currently finishing testing as a developer beta and public beta versions. The release candidate was posted yesterday, so it should go public soon.

But if you don't want to wait, try out Apple's Advanced Data Protection and other great features like the custom always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro , Apple Music Sing and others, you can learn how to install the free public beta now available in our full explanation:

  • Get iOS 16.2: here's how to install the beta
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    With End-to-End Encryption (E2E) already present for Apple Messages, iCloud Keychain, Health Data, and more, the update adds E2E to Messages Backup (Messages in iCloud), iPhone iCloud Backup, iCloud Drive, Notes, Photos , reminders, Safari bookmarks. , Siri shortcuts, voice memos, and wallet passes. Learn more about the small details in our full Apple review and support document.

    How to enable iPhone end-to-end encryption for iMessage and iCloud backups

    1. Make sure you're using iOS 16.2(install the free beta if you don't want to wait)
    2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
    3. Tap your name at the top
    4. Now select iCloud
    5. Swipe down and click Advanced data protection
    6. Click Turn on advanced data protection
      • If you do not have a recovery contact or recovery key, you will be prompted to do so first
    7. If you have just finished setting up a recovery contact/key , return to Settings app > iCloud > Advanced data protection and click Turn on advanced data protection
    8. Follow instructions< /li>
    9. You may be prompted to update other devices that are signed in to your iCloud account before you can turn on end-to-end encryption (E2E).
      • Alternatively, you can remove devices with older software to go to process

    Here is how the process of enabling iPhone end-to-end encryption with advanced data protection looks like:

    If you don't have a recovery contact or key yet, do this first:< /p>

    After completing the recovery contact/key setup, return to the Advanced Data Protection screen and click &#8220 ;Turn on Advanced Data Protection”.< /p>

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you may need to update other Apple devices to the latest version to enable end-to-end encryption, or remove them from the Apple ID home screen in the app settings.

    What do you think about end-to-end message encryption in iClo ud, backups, and more? Will you enable this feature? Share your thoughts in the comments!

    Thank you for reading our guide on how to enable iPhone end-to-end encryption!

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