HomePod Mini turns two years old as Apple plans to expand lineup next year

HomePod Mini turns two years old as Apple plans to expand lineup next yearThursday, November 17, 2022 3:19 AM PST by Sami Fathi original speaker released in 2018. Two years after its release, the HomePod lineup has remained relatively unchanged, but that will change in 2023.

When Apple announced the ‌HomePod mini‌ in October 2020, the original full-sized HomePod remained in the lineup. However, in March 2021, Apple discontinued the full-sized HomePod, stating that it wanted to devote more time to the ‌HomePod mini‌. ‌HomePod mini‌ answered some of the biggest customer concerns about the original HomePod, including size and price. Unlike the original HomePod, ‌HomePod mini‌ it costs $99 and comes in a variety of colors.

Now that the ‌HomePod mini‌ As we turn two years old, we look to the future and what Apple has in store.

Resurrection of the full-sized HomePod

The biggest HomePod news we're expecting in the near future is the resurrection of the original full-sized HomePod. When Apple discontinued the original HomePod, many speculated that the reason for the decision was the HomePod's $299 price tag and lack of features, resulting in poor sales.

Apple is expected to launch an updated version of the full-sized HomePod in 2023 , which has been discontinued to fill the current gap in the HomePod lineup. The new HomePod is rumored to feature Apple Watch Series 8's S8 chip, delivering faster performance for Siri queries and various features.

Other features may include a large touch display at the top, but the overall form factor and design is expected to remain the same. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects the new HomePod to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

Updated HomePod mini

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According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple can update ‌HomePod mini‌ soon, but specific details are unknown. Current version of ‌HomePod mini‌ powered by the S5 chip, the same chip used in the Apple Watch Series 5 and the first generation Apple Watch SE. In a hypothetical update, Apple may include a newer and faster chip that allows ‌Siri‌ requests and features like Handoff.

Apple TV and HomePod Combo

Still in early development, the HomePod product is a combination of Apple TV and HomePod. ‌Mark Gurman‌ from Bloomberg. Gurman reports that Apple is developing a HomePod speaker that incorporates ‌Apple TV‌ features, offering an all-in-one TV entertainment system with a display. The product is also said to have a camera, which may allow FaceTime and video calls. No other details are known at this time as the product launch will likely take place some time later, if it launches at all.

What would you like to see in a future HomePod product? Let us know in the comments below.

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