HomePod Mini is available for order in Finland, Norway and Sweden

Joe Rossignol

Apple is accepting orders for HomePod mini in Finland, Norway and Sweden through its online store. The smart speaker is available in grey, white, blue, orange and yellow. Shipping to each country is expected within 4-6 business days.

HomePod mini is priced at 109 euros in Finland and 1249 kr in Norway and 1295 kr in Sweden, compared to $99 in the US.

Apple previously announced that HomePod mini will be available in these countries from December 13, and orders can be placed in advance.Apple said that HomePod mini will also be available in South Africa from December 19 and in Denmark next year.< /p>

Apple first released HomePod mini in the US and select countries in November 2020. With Siri, you can use your smart speaker to listen to music, control HomeKit smart home accessories, set a timer, and more. has undergone no hardware changes since its launch two years ago.

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