HomePod 2 still makes a lasting impression on wooden surfaces, but the power cord is easy to replace.

HomePod 2 reviews were posted before the updated smart speaker goes on sale on Friday, February 3rd. Interesting details include the HomePod 2 ring stain, an issue on wood surfaces, and the power cord is now detachable.

Soon after the arrival of the original HomePod, some customers started noticing a ring stain on the wooden surface caused by the base of the speaker. In the end, Apple went on record and shared a support document that it may indeed leave marks on “some wood surfaces”.

The company says the issue is “caused”. oils diffusing between the silicone base and the tabletop” and after removing the HomePod, the labels may or may not disappear. For those who are concerned, Apple recommends “place the HomePod on a different surface”.

HomePod 2 ring stains

With that in mind, MKBHD tested the HomePod 2 against the original for ring stains on wood surfaces. It looks like Apple has improved the base so it doesn't leave such a greasy residue, but the HomePod 2 still leaves a ring-shaped smudge with a more choppy pattern.

MKBHD says it also takes a bit of time. longer for HomePod 2 to leave a spot ring. Here's how they compare:


One thing to keep in mind is’ It's not just the Apple HomePod that has problems with this. Back in 2018, when there was an issue with the original HomePod, other speakers such as Sonos and Amazon Echo were found to be suffering from the same issue.

Detachable power cable

One One of the headaches of the original HomePod was the fixed power cord, which made it difficult to set up for those trying to manage the cables. It was also frustrating if your cord was damaged by a pet or some other situation.

HomePod 2 solves this problem with a detachable power cord and is easy to replace anywhere as long as it works. with universal figure-eight cord.

Via The Verge

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