Home+ 6 adds lock screen widgets and support for importing Eve accessory data.

Home+ 6 for iOS now lets you quickly access an accessory or scene right from the Home screen on your iOS device. For devices running iOS 16, widgets can also be added to the lock screen. Widgets include “Scene Widgets.” Tapping a scene widget opens the Home+ app and sets that scene.

There are two types of actions available in the accessories widget. You can set the widget to open Home+ and go straight to the HomeKit accessory details screen. You can open the app and automatically switch accessory status. For example, a light bulb turns off immediately when a widget is clicked. 

Due to iOS technical limitations, widgets cannot reliably communicate with accessories to determine the current state. Apple has known about this issue for years, but has yet to fix it.

Eve Accessory Tables

Until now, Eve devices have stored internal information such as temperature and other measurements. They also provided an unofficial interface that allowed data to be uploaded to HomeKit, but only through the Eve app could people access it in chart form.

Home+ now offers users the ability to upload measurement history. from Eve's accessories. This data is loaded automatically when you click on the accessory's detail view in Home+.

Currently, charts are available for Eve Thermo, Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Degree, Eve Motion. and Eve Door.

How to add widgets to your home screen in Home+ 6

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  • Press and hold on the home screen.
  • Press + to add a widget.
  • Scroll down and press Home+.
  • Add an Accessory or Scene Widget.
  • Click on the widget to select a scene or accessory.
  • How to use lock screen widgets in Home+ 6

    1. Press and hold on the lock screen
    2. Press Customize
    3. Press on the area where you want to place the lock screen widget.
    4. Scroll down and press Home+.
    5. Add an Accessory or Scene widget.
    6. < li>Tap the widget to select a scene or accessory.

    Download Home+ from the App Store to get started.

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