Hands-On with Chargeasap Zeus: World's First and Smallest 270W GaN USB-C Charger [Video]

Having a capable and fast charging unit with multiple ports is an absolute MUST in today's world. Most people carry more than one tech device with them, especially when traveling. People bring one or more smartphones, tablet, laptop and more. Thus, the need for one charging solution that can charge them all and charge efficiently is becoming more and more relevant. Chargeasap's New 270W Zeus GaN Charger Will Charge All Your Devices, Then Some!

< h2 id= "h-chargeasap-s-story">Chargeasap history

Chargeasap is a Sydney-based consumer electronics startup that has been creating innovative mobile charging accessories since 2016. Over the years, they have been able to leverage the power of crowdfunding to create chargers that their customers want, need and believe in. They have raised over $7 million through 10 crowdfunding campaigns and have successfully delivered all of their supported products to over 30,000+ customers in 130 countries. The culmination of all this product development and direct customer feedback is their latest product: the Zeus 270W GaN Charger 270W

270W Zeus Charger

The Zeus charger from Chargeasap is said to be the world's first and smallest 270W GaN charger. It features four different USB ports with four different maximum output powers each

  • 140W USB-C PD
  • 100W USB-C PD
  • 100W USB-C PD
  • USB-A 36W

The maximum output of the Zeus charger is 140W, which means that it is powerful enough to charge a 16-inch Macbook Pro at full speed, as well as charge up to three other devices. It's also a GaN smart charger, which means that depending on which device and how many devices you have connected, the Zeus charger will charge those devices at maximum efficiency while maintaining battery health. Another thing to consider is the size and weight of the charger. It's much smaller than the Apple-supplied 16-inch MacBook Pro charger, with almost twice the power and 4 times the ports! So this Zeus charger can easily charge up to three MacBooks and an iPhone.

OLED Display

You may also notice that there is a small display on the charger itself. This is a great feature because you can see how much power each device is using in real time. It provides power readings in volts, amps and power

The built-in OLED display is a great way to get an idea of ​​how fast each device is charging, as well as show you how smart charging works in real time.  You'll see the speed increase when the devices' batteries are low or under heavy use, and you'll also see the charging speed slow down when the device is almost fully charged, which helps keep the battery healthy.

What's in the box?


  • Zeus 270W charger
  • Case for carrying
  • 3 interchangeable network adapters for different regions

Zeus has another nice feature – a double-sided foldable and interchangeable pin, so you can have these ports facing down , up or even parallel to the ground. It also has the correct pin for each region!

Pricing and Availability

The Zeus 270W Charging Box is available through &#8217. Early Offer Kickstarter Campaign starting at $109! The product is expected to ship in May 2023 and will finally be available for a retail price of $219.

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