Hands-On: HyperPack Pro Backpack with Apple Find My Support [Video]

Hyper may be best known for its USB-C hubs and Apple device charging solutions, but now they've released a backpack that's perfect for all your tech on the go. HyperPack Pro includes built-in Find My support to always keep track of your valuable equipment and cable management to ensure all your devices – from MacBooks, iPads and iPhones to your AirPods – stay charged while you're out and about. o

HyperPack Pro Find My support

Built-in Find My support is one of the main features; The location module sits right on top of the backpack and integrates seamlessly into the network. Pairing it is as simple as opening the Find My app, opening the Items page, selecting “+” and select “Add another item”. When you click on the location module, the backpack pops up to connect with your account. Once paired, it offers the same great location tracking you've come to expect from Apple's network. If you leave it behind, you'll get a notification and its location on the map will update whenever the iPhone is within range. In the Find My app, you can have the HyperPack Pro play a sound to make it easier to pinpoint its exact location, and putting it in Lost Mode will inform you whenever a new location becomes available and allow you to leave a path for the finder. contact you to get your valuable gear-in-one-place back”>Store all your Apple hardware in one place

HyperPack Pro has been designed with techies in mind. Closest to the back is a dedicated pocket for all your large electronics. The largest compartment has room for a 16-inch laptop, while the smaller pocket next to it is perfect for an iPad or even a smaller MacBook Air. Both sections are padded to prevent damage to your gear. According to this, the entire backpack uses water-resistant fabric and zippers to prevent water from entering your electronics. The top of the pocket has a slot for charging cables that run through the three main compartments into a dedicated pouch for the large battery.

< p>Hyper simply calls the second compartment “universal compartment” This is where you get most 22-litre packs. You have smaller mesh pockets and sleeves for smaller items, but plenty of room for any books, headphones, or any other bulky items.

The third large compartment is a pocket for a technical organization. There is a zippered RFID blocking pocket on the top where you can put any RFID items you want to keep for added security. Then you have two large slots. Below you have a dedicated pocket for charging AirPods. It's the right size to make your AirPods easy to find, and the small loops on the sides of the backpack make it easy to route the cable without getting in the way. At the very bottom, you have a mesh pocket for the battery pack. It's perfect for something like the 245W Hyper Battery, which has enough ports and power to keep your MacBook, iPad, AirPods, and iPhone charged.

A charging passage allows you to route cables to each of the main pockets, as well as to the outer pocket on the right side. This side pocket has a dedicated little case for your MagSafe puck so you can charge your phone by simply slipping it into the pocket.

HyperPack Pro remembers travel

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In addition to all the technical aspects of the bag, it doesn't forget the little things. There is another hidden pocket right at the bottom of the back which is perfect for storing your passport or other small items you want to hide. It also has a pass-through for a luggage handle, so it's easy to carry it through the airport with hand luggage. It has another side pocket for a water bottle up to 1 liter, a microfiber lined sunglasses pocket and a large quick access pocket perfect for things like a raincoat.

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