Hands-On: How to Use the Apple Music Sing Karaoke Feature in iOS 16.2

Following yesterday's announcement of a fun new karaoke feature, Apple Music Sing is running iOS 16.2 RC. Follow the steps to learn how to enjoy karaoke on Apple Music Sing, including adjusting your voice volume, viewing Duet mode, and more.

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iOS 16.2 is currently finishing testing as a developer and public beta. The release candidate was available today, so it will be released to the public soon.

However, if you don't want to wait for Apple Music Singing and other great features like the custom always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro, big end-to-end encryption update and more, you can learn how to install the free public beta in our full explanation:

  • Get iOS 16.2: Here's how to install the beta

What Apple Music Sing offers

  • Adjustable vocals:  Users now can control the level of vocals in a song. They can sing along with the artist's original vocals, take the lead, or mix millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog.
  • Real-time Lyrics: Users can sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the rhythm of the vocals.
  • Backing Vocals: Vocals performed at the same time can animate independently of the main vocals to make it easier for users to follow.< /li>
  • Duet: Multiple vocalists are shown on opposite sides of the screen, making it easy to sing along to duets or multi-singer tracks. 

How to use the Apple Music Sing karaoke feature in iOS 16.2

  1. Make sure you are using iOS 16.2 RC
  2. On an iPhone, open Apple Music and find the song you want to listen to.
    • Apple Music Sing is also available on iPad and Apple TV 4K (obviously not on older Apple TV hardware)
  3. After starting the song, press the button icon with quotation marks in the lower left corner.
  4. Now look for the icon of the microphone + asterisks (the icon is not displayed on incompatible songs)
  5. Touching the microphone turns on Apple Sing.
  6. You can now drag to adjust vocal volume and sing along to the rhythm of the song
  7. Tap the Sing icon to disable this function

This is what using Apple Music Sing looks like:

For songs containing duets, you will see a special view automatically enabled with different parts on the left and right side of the screen:

< h2>Which songs work with Apple Music Sing?

  • Apple hasn't shared which songs are compatible with Apple Music Sing.
  • But this feature does run with support for “tens million songs”
  • At the moment you’ I need to listen to a song and press the lyrics button to see if it works with the Apple Music Sing karaoke feature.
  • This feature is a little buggy for some users at the moment with a preview launch in iOS 16.2 RC – for example. the button appears and disappears for songs

Are you excited to use the new karaoke feature? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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