Hand Mirror is a must-have macOS utility that adds a one-click camera check to the menu bar.

Hand Mirror is a popular utility that gives you one-click access to your Mac's camera right from the macOS menu bar. The new version of Hand Mirror, released this month, builds on it with a number of new features, and is completely rewritten to make it faster and more stable.

Why would anyone need quick access to their Mac's camera? Here's how developer Rafa Conde explains it:

You know when you need to join a Zoom call, but you want to check your face first, or make sure Is there anything too embarrassing in the frame? So you open up Photo Booth or something like that? But is it 5 keystrokes at best? Maybe a one click thing can save you half a second or something?

In this month's update, Rafa introduced the new Hand Mirror Plus monetization model. Instead of charging for a subscription, Hand Mirror Plus is a one-time purchase. Every time a new version of the app is released with a new feature, “the price will go up”.

The original version of Hand Mirror Plus includes a number of features that perfectly expand the main functions of the application.

  • Smart Window: Get more flexibility than a simple popup with fully resizable, draggable and always on top of the window.
  • Window masks. Customizable window size and shape, for example if you want the camera to be displayed in a circle.
  • Custom default position: Choose where on the screen you want your camera to be displayed, this is handy when you want match it with a real physical camera.
  • Custom icons: There’ s a wide selection of different app icons and menu bars.
  • Notch Trigger: If you have a Mac with a notch, you can click below it to activate the camera.< /li >

The new version of Hand Mirror is also completely rewritten from the previous version. “This new version has been completely rewritten, so it should contain fewer bugs and open the camera view much faster” – explains the developer. > >In the future, Hand Mirror will also add a new “Mic Check” feature that allows you to quickly check your microphone to make sure your camera and audio are blocked before making a video call.

If you regularly make video calls on your Mac, Hand Mirror is a must-have app, you can download it for free from the Mac App Store, and the Hand Mirror Plus update is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99.

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