Google search brings continuous scrolling to US desktop users

Tim Hardwick

Google searches on desktop will now return results as a continuous scroll rather than split across multiple pages, the company announced today (via The Verge).

This change is reminiscent of modern social media channels working though Google's version isn't quite the “infinite scroll” that social media users are familiar with. Google says search will now return six pages of results on a single scroll before offering users a “Read More” button to show additional results.

For as long as people remember, search results have been divided into several related pages, by which users click to continue browsing. Google claims that continuous scrolling will make browsing results faster and easier, although what some users probably overlook is that pages often act as a natural break so they can consider whether they have all the information they need.

Google says this change will primarily apply to US English searches. In October, the company added continuous scrolling to its mobile app of the same name, so it is likely that this feature will be extended to other countries and languages ​​in the future.

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