Google Plans to Launch a $1,700 Foldable Smartphone in June

Julie Clover

In June, Google plans to join Samsung in the foldable smartphone market with the release of the Pixel Fold, CNBC reports. The device is expected to cost around $1,700, which is in line with Samsung's price.

Render of Pixel Fold by OnLeaks based on leaked rumors
Pixel Fold will be unveiled at the Google I/O conference in May, and Google plans to promote it as the device with the “strongest hinge” among foldable smartphones. When open, the Google Fold will have a 7.6-inch display (same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4) and open like a book. It'll be water resistant, folded into a pocket size and have a battery life of up to 24 hours.

Most of Google's Pixel devices are relatively affordable. but the Pixel Fold will carry a hefty price tag due to the cost of the display and the hinge. Google is already adapting Android for foldable devices, and CNBC says the Pixel Fold will better showcase what a foldable phone made by Google is like.

With the Pixel Fold coming in June, Google will surpass Apple in the field of foldable smartphones. Rumor has it that Apple is experimenting with foldable iPhones, but in fact, the company may be bringing the technology to iPad first.

There's no word yet on exactly when Apple might introduce its first foldable iPhone, but analysts suggest that it will appear no earlier than 2025.


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