Google Chrome for Mac has new memory and energy saving modes

Julie Clover

Google Chrome for Mac today added new Memory Saver and Power Saver modes to give users more control over memory usage and battery life.

Memory saving mode frees up memory from tabs, that are not actively used, allowing for a smoother experience with tabs that are in use. Google says this mode is especially useful when doing other resource-intensive tasks like video editing or gaming. Inactive tabs are reloaded as needed.

In power saving mode, Chrome automatically limits battery draining tasks when the battery reaches 20 percent. Background activity will be limited, as will visual effects for websites with animations and videos.

Energy saving and memory saving can be turned on and off using the three-dot menu in Chrome, and important websites can be flagged. as an exception to Memory Saver Mode.

The new modes are being rolled out in the latest release of the Chrome app for Mac (version 108) and will be available to all users worldwide in the coming weeks.

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