Google again criticizes Apple for not implementing the RCS for Messages app: “Their text messages are stuck in the 1990s”

Julie Clover

Google is continuing its efforts to convince Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard with a new blog post, It's Time for RCS. Widely promoted by Google, RCS or Rich Communication Services is a messaging standard meant to replace the current SMS messaging standard.

It provides support for higher resolution photography and video , audio messages, and larger files, as well as improved encryption, cross-platform emoji reactions, and more secure group chats across devices. Google has been pushing Apple to implement RCS for over a year now, but so far Apple hasn't budge.

A new Google blog post notes that this week marks the 30th anniversary of the SMS messaging standard. as the first SMS message was sent on December 3, 1992. Google says it's time for an update, urging Apple to “tighten its heels.”

Google indicates that end-to-end encrypted messaging will be available with RCS on the cross-platform end. Features such as real-time typing indicators, read reports, higher quality photos and videos, and more control over group chats will be standard on both iPhone and Android phones.

All the essentials mobile operators and manufacturers have implemented RCS. support, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony and more. Apple is still the only one resisting, and so far the company has barely acknowledged Google's attempts to push RCS adoption.

There is no word on whether Apple has considered supporting RCS, or when such support might be implemented. In a September interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said this was not a priority. “I don't hear our users asking us to put a lot of effort into this,” Cook said.

Cook also offered to upgrade the iPhone to a reporter who mentioned problems sending photos to his mother, who uses an Android phone . “Get your mom an ‌iPhone‌,” he said.

Google went so far as to publish an entire Get the Message website on RCS, and Apple didn't embrace the feature, encouraging Apple customers to ask Apple “fix what's broken” by switching from SMS to RCS. Google has also posted RCS ads against Apple, but nothing has caught Apple's attention so far.

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