Get New AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C for $199.99 With Amazon's $49 Off [Updated]

By Mitchell Broussard

Last week, Apple released the all-new AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C/MagSafe charging case. At the same time, we started tracking the first-ever headphone discount, and in the last day or two the $49 discount has returned to Amazon.

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You can purchase the new AirPods Pro 2 for $199.99


strong>up from $249.00. Considering the accessory isn't even a week old yet, this is the best deal we've seen yet, and Amazon gives an estimated delivery date of late September to early October.

$49 OFF AirPods Pro 2 (USB- C) for $199.99

Besides the addition of USB-C, AirPods Pro 2 has a few minor changes, including additional dust protection and support for lossless audio with the Vision Pro headset. Apple doesn't sell the USB-C/MagSafe charging case separately, so if you want USB-C support, you'll have to buy a whole new set of headphones.

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Update: This deal has expired. If the AirPods Pro 2 returns to $199.99, we'll be sure to update this article again.

Update 2: The $199.99 sale price briefly reappeared this afternoon. but she appeared again. expired. If you don't see the offer on Amazon, be sure to check back later as it may come back later in the day.

Update 3 As of the morning of September 28th, the price on Amazon continues to fluctuate, so keep checking back and grab a pair when it drops to $199.99 if you're interested. .

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