Get HomePod mini for $60 for Christmas

HomePod mini on our desk is great for music, podcasts and phone calls< /p>    

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Discount hunters looking for HomePod mini below retail can save 40% on eBay and get one for $60!

Two trusted and reputable eBay sellers sell refurbished Mini HomePods in excellent condition. Both offers are available in limited quantities, so act fast if you want to buy them.

The Apple speaker is available in white, orange, space gray and yellow for only $59.99, saving you 40%. In addition, the catalog offers free shipping within four days, so the product can be delivered until Thursday, December 8th.

If you're looking to save extra dollars and just want space gray, another seller has an offer. deal for you. Available in Space Gray, customers can purchase this brand new model for $59. This listing is “open box”, which means the package may be slightly damaged.

HomePod mini

HomePod mini is a smaller version of the original HomePod speaker. The smaller model, which is about half the size of the HomePod, offers a spherical design and computational sound.

Using Handoff with HomePod mini

It has a full range dynamic driver and two passive radiators for enhanced bass reproduction. It also includes an acoustic waveguide to ensure clear 360-degree sound reproduction.

The new speaker also adds a new intercom feature that allows family members to send messages between HomePods. People in the house can choose whether to talk to those in the other room, in a specific area, or throughout the house.

HomePod mini also doubles as a hub for smart home accessories, supporting HomeKit and the Thread protocol. AppleInsider reviewed HomePod mini in 2020 with a score of 4.5 and sounds much better than we expected for its size.

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