Get a $20 annual Sam's Club membership and take the hassle out of holiday shopping.

Save 60% on In-Stock Purchases.

Grocery prices can stretch budgets to the limit, but buying items in bulk can almost always save you a few precious dollars, especially when feeding a family. Luckily, a $20 Sam's Club membership can save you big bucks this holiday season.

For a limited time, warehouse shoppers can sign up for a 1-year Sam's Club membership for just $20, automatically renewing. Find wholesale deals, auto repair shops, home improvement items and more, often at great savings over standard grocery stores or retailers.

Get the Deal

The deal applies to Club Level memberships, which typically cost $50. This means customers receive a 60% discount on access to any of more than 597 US stores or online, but it is only valid for new US members who have not had a card in the last six months.

Sam's Club provides a great shopping experience that goes well beyond grocery stores and includes additional benefits such as hotels, car rentals and live events. In addition, many places have pharmacies where you can buy everything in one place.

There is fine print in this offer that you should be aware of, such as that you must enroll in automatic renewal to receive the discount. After one year, renewal costs will be the standard $50 or $110 for Plus members.

How to activate your Sams membership&#39 ;s Club

After purchasing a membership, you must redeem the code within 30 days. To get a Sam's Club membership, follow these steps:

  1. Redeem your code on the StackCommerce website
  2. Sign up for membership
  3. Download Sam's Club Club to access your digital membership card and Scan & Go Service

This digital membership card will help customer service find your account and produce a physical card.

Use your Sam's Club savings to upgrade your technology

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