Gentler Streak demonstrates new features and introduces support for new languages

Popular fitness app for Apple devices Gentler Streak released an update on Thursday that adds support for three new languages. In addition, the developers talked about some new features they are working on. Read on and we'll tell you in detail what's new and what's changing in the Gentler Streak app.

Gentler Streak adds support for new languages

Back in June, Gentler Streak implemented support for Brazilian Portuguese in its application. The app has now been updated to support even more languages: German, Italian and French. These languages ​​complement the already supported English and Spanish, making the app more appealing to even more users.

“With this expansion […] we are opening softer doors to another 200 million people,” he says. This was stated by Gentler Streak CEO Katarina Lotrich. She says more languages ​​will be added in 2024.

As 2023 comes to an end, the Gentler Streak team also gave us a teaser of what to expect in 2024. The application will receive an updated design for Daily Fitness. Status with even more detailed information about your body and more than 20 new workout types, including aquatic therapy and hula hoop.

Training summaries will become “richer”; with photos and notes, turning the app into a “workout journal.” In addition, users can expect widgets and additions from the Wellbeing section introduced earlier this year, as well as Wellbeing Trends so users can see how their lifestyle impacts their long-term health.

Learn more about the app

Gentler Streak received Apple's 2022 App of the Year award for Apple Watch and most recently earned the honor a spot as a finalist for the 2023 Apple Design Award. It was originally released for iPhone users in 2021, with an Apple Watch version released in February 2022.

You can download Gentler for free Streak on the App Store, but some advanced features require a subscription or lifetime license. To get a more in-depth look at the app, be sure to read our interview with Katarina Lothrick, founder of Gentler Streak, here on 9to5Mac.

  • Gentler Streak is getting a big update with iPad support and a new interface for the Apple Watch.
  • Gentler Streak adds menstrual cycle tracking to the Wellbeing section.

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