Gboard's Emoji Kitchen is now integrated into Google Search for the web, iPhone, and more.

Emoji Kitchen debuted a couple of years ago as part of Gboard for Android, introducing a truly delightful ability to mix different emojis into one sticker. Emoji Kitchen is now officially coming to the web (and in turn, iPhone) through direct integration with Google Search.

Getting started now, Google Search will allow users to play with Emoji Kitchen from any device, be it desktop, iPhone or any other device. This is great news because until now, the only way to use Emoji Kitchen was through Gboard on Android and unofficial third-party sites. The update was announced by Gboard's Emoji Kitchen chef. Jennifer Daniel on Twitter/X.

Emoji Kitchen on Google Search has a simplistic design with the ability to create random combinations or manually select combinations. You can click on the first emoji to choose which one triggers the combination, and then click the second emoji to select a random combination or another manual selection.

Notably, the list is a little shorter compared to the others. to what's in Gboard for Android, or even to the list of emojis that were present back in our 2022 list. (It's hard to keep track of the number of new additions!)

After creating a combination, users can copy the finished product to the clipboard as a .png file with a white background extension. However, on the iPhone, a transparent .png file was used via iMessage. Great!

The tool appears as a widget when you search for “Emoji Kitchen” in Google Search – cook.

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