Free OWC Drive Speed ​​App Tests Video Transfer for iPhone Videographers

OWC ​​Drive Speed ​​App

OWC ​​has introduced a new iOS app called OWC Drive Speed, designed to track data transfer speeds between iPhone and external drives for mobile videographers.

The inclusion of USB-C in Apple's iPhone has opened up new possibilities for iPhone videographers. For example, during the iPhone 15 presentation, the company briefly highlighted the ability to record directly to SSD storage while simultaneously recording high-bitrate video.

Other World of Computing (OWC), known for its computer hardware, accessories, and software, has introduced a new iOS app called OWC Drive Speed ​​that helps control the data transfer speed between iPhone and connected external storage devices.

iPhone 15 Pro's ability to expand storage to external drives opens up new possibilities for videographers, allowing them to work with larger video files without being limited by iPhone's internal storage capacity. To help users navigate this feature, Drive Speed ​​can measure and optimize video transfer speeds between iPhone and external drives.

The app allows you to view various recording variables such as format, frame rate and duration to ensure smooth and efficient file sharing, minimizing dropped frames in the process. Its purpose is to provide users with a certain level of confidence regarding the storage capacity needed for their projects.

For iPhone, the free app requires iOS 17 or later. To use it on a Mac, you need macOS 14.0 Sonoma and a model with an Apple M1 chip or later.

In addition, Drive Speed ​​offers suggestions for improving video transmission, primarily when using compact storage solutions such as the OWC Envoy Elektron Portable SSD, OWC Envoy Pro Mini Drive, and OWC Cables.

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