Free AI PDF Editor for Mac and iPhone from PDFgear

PDF Gear is available on Mac, iPad or iPhone.

PDF Adobe Viewer faces stiff competition from more comprehensive tools like PDFgear's AI PDF editor, which has over 30 features and supports multiple platforms— for free.

PDF files are still critical, especially in business and education where formality is critical. However, these files are notoriously difficult to manipulate, let alone manage and organize, which is why PDFgear's AI PDF editor is an essential tool for all things PDF.

PDFgear features you can't live without

The best thing about the AI ​​PDFgear PDF editor is that it has over 30 features that let you read, edit, convert, manage and organize your PDF files. Check out some great features we use almost daily:

  • Reading – Read PDF books and bookmark them.
  • Editing – No part of your PDF document is off limits.
  • Annotations – Collaborate with custom comments.
  • OCR PDF – Extract information from PDF files.
  • Split PDF – Split PDF pages into separate PDF documents.
  • Convert to PDF – Convert HEIC, EPUB, HTML, Word and other files to PDF.
  • Convert from PDF – Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, images or PSD file types
  • Organization: extract, rotate, reorder and more. Manage your PDFs like never before.
  • Sign. Add signatures to important documents and complete transactions in a paperless environment.

Take PDF editing to new heights with PDF Gear.

Of course, there are many more features in the PDFgear PDF editor that we could talk about all day. But PDFgear is even more attractive because it can be downloaded for free for Mac, PC, or iOS.

PDFgear expands your PDF workflows using artificial intelligence technology

While PDFgear already has an extensive list of features, it also brings generative AI capabilities to your PDF documents. Artificial intelligence adds automation to workflows that make reading, editing, and conversion easier, saving countless hours of manual labor.

For example, PDFgear's AI technology can read a PDF document, highlight key sentences or phrases, and provide you with a summary of the content. Or prevent annoying typos and grammatical errors with the help of artificial intelligence.

Use artificial intelligence to summarize the contents of your PDF.

International businesses always face the additional challenges of working with multiple languages ​​in a single project . PDFgear's AI can help you translate documents into popular languages ​​such as French, Spanish, and Chinese for better collaboration between employees.

Translate the contents of your PDF into multiple languages.

It might be easier to tell PDFgear what you need and have it do it automatically. This is also possible thanks to the Chat PDF feature, which allows you to chat with your PDFs to achieve more in less time.

AI PDF from PDFgear PDF Editor is available for free

PDGear's AI-powered PDF editor goes beyond simple editing and feature management. By adding AI technology, you can take full control of your documents with just a few keystrokes and get more done with less stress and more accuracy.

You simply can't beat free, and PDFgear offers a completely free download of its innovative software. No hidden fees, no surprises. Users from all corners of the Internet, including us, rave about how good this PDF editor is, and you'll see why when you download PDFgear for yourself today.

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