Foxconn's main iPhone factory could fully resume production by the end of December

Tim Hardwick

Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn expects its main iPhone factory in China to resume full production between late December and early January after a worker unrest forced a factory shutdown last month.

“The situation has stabilized,” a Foxconn source told Reuters, referring to the Zhengzhou protests and the government’s easing of COVID-related restrictions.

“The local government is actively helps with the resumption of work. Currently, capacities are being gradually restored, and new staff is being recruited. If the recruitment goes smoothly, it may take about three to four weeks for full production to resume,” the person said.

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“At present, the overall epidemic situation is under control, and November was the most affected period,” the company later said in a statement, adding that it had begun recruiting new employees and was gradually “restoring production.” to normal levels.”

A factory in Zhengzhou, which employs about 200,000 people, came under severe COVID-19 restrictions last month after a factory explosion that left the city of about 10 million people have been blocked. Riots soon broke out as workers protested the standard of living and the non-payment of promised bonuses, which Foxconn attributed to a “technical error” in hiring new employees.

The Zhengzhou plant is the largest ‌‌iPhone‌ ‌ factory employing about 200,000 people. Foxconn is responsible for assembling about 70% of the iPhones Apple sells, but the company is struggling to keep employees on site due to the lockdown, with some reports saying production could drop as much as 30%.

< p>iPhone 14 Pro models are currently facing a shipping delay at Apple's US online store of at least four weeks as the company struggles to maintain shipments.

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