Foxconn paid 20,000 rebellious workers to leave the company


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After wage riots, Apple's chief iPhone maker Foxconn offered $1,400 to protesters if they resigned.

Hundreds of people have rioted at Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory for many reasons, including complaints about food shortages during the lockdown. One problem, however, was how Foxconn allegedly altered employment contracts to prevent new workers from receiving the wages they were promised.

After the riots — and the Apple team that arrived on the scene — Foxconn's managers apologized to the workers for what they called a “technical error”.

According to Reuters, Foxconn subsequently offered 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to protesting recruits who agreed to resign. An unnamed source told Reuters that more than 20,000 workers accepted the pay and left.

It is not clear if all 20,000 people participated in the riots, but it seems that they were mostly newcomers, so they were probably affected by a “technical error”. Reuters reports that these new hires have not yet worked on Foxconn's production lines.

China's authorities recently announced that Foxconn needed 100,000 more workers and asked for retired military personnel to take on these roles.

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