Foxconn needs 100,000 more workers at its Zhengzhou iPhone plant

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With workers fleeing conditions at the Zhengzhou iPhone factory and new hires falling far behind demand, Chinese state media are reporting that Foxconn employs only two-thirds of the workforce. it is necessary.

Foxconn's headcount rises and falls sharply throughout the year as demand for iPhone production rises sharply in August/September. This year, however, workers have fled conditions at the main plant in Zhengzhou.

This despite the fact that Foxconn increased bonuses, and despite the fact that, at the request of Apple, the company began its annual recruitment campaign two months earlier. It's also partly because China's strict COVID measures have sometimes locked down a factory, causing Apple to allow delays.

Now, according to the South China Morning Post, Chinese state media are reporting that Foxconn needs 100,000 more workers to resume full production capacity in Zhengzhou.

Chinese authorities are already inviting former military retirees to join the factory and are conducting other recruitment activities. However, the South China Morning Post reports that they were ineffective, citing a recruitment campaign in Taikang County, near a factory, as an example.

Taicang was reported to have a population of 1.5 million and recruiters were aiming to recruit 10,000 workers from the region. However, only 2,000 people have been recruited so far.

Foxconn's Zhengzhou plant is estimated to employ about 200,000 people, so the additional 100,000 needed means it is running at a third less capacity.

Partly due to China's government measures to combat coronavirus, Foxconn is ramping up iPhone production — and employment – at their plant in India. It is not known whether this increase is enough to make up for the deficit in China.

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