FineWoven iPhone 15 cases have arrived, buyers show off Apple's post-leather material

This week, Apple announced that it will no longer sell leather accessories, including cases for the iPhone 15. Instead, the company There's a new material that Apple calls FineWoven. Starting today, customers are starting to receive the first FineWoven iPhone 15 cases and are sharing close-up photos, including the images above, from @tech_instigator.


Apple briefly provided press samples of FineWoven cases and bands to press attending its Wonderlust event on Tuesday during a hands-on experience with the iPhone 15 Pro. This gave us our first real-world look at the FineWoven material, beyond Apple's main video and online product photos.

Customers are now getting their hands on FineWoven iPhone 15 cases, and we can see actual product photos in less chaotic environment.

Verdict? Apple has already warned that the use of MagSafe accessories will likely leave ring marks on the FineWoven material. Customers are already commenting on how easily FineWoven picks up dirt.

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I received mine today and they are very good. I preferred leather cases, but they are much better than silicone ones.

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Best advice? Don't eat KFC in this building. Another downside to the iPhone case is the leather edge, which is of course not leather.

Apple currently makes a variety of FineWoven accessories:

  • iPhone 15/15 Plus Cases /15 Pro/15 Pro Max
  • Apple Watch bands with a modern buckle and magnetic loop
  • MagSafe Wallets
  • AirTag Holders

Hands-On Experience

Check out some of the first hands-on shots of customers receiving their deliveries below:

Do you already have FineWoven accessories? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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