Final Cut Pro November update arrives with improved navigation and ML Object Tracker

Final Cut Pro Update

Apple has announced a new version of Final Cut Pro that allows users to better take advantage of Apple Silicon's multi-media engine capabilities, as well as new iPad-specific features.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are finally coming as subscription apps for iPad in May 2023. New payment options let more people take advantage of Apple's professional software on iPad, allowing for more important updates to be released more frequently.

The next update to Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad will be released later in November. New features vary between Mac and iPad versions.

What's new on Mac

Final Cut Pro for Mac gets better organized tools with automatic timeline scrolling. Organization is also improved by assigning roles to different clips, such as audio or video, which vary in color.

Assign roles to clips

Apple has also improved optimization for Apple Silicon. H.264 and HEVC export is accelerated with access to separate Media Engines on Max/Ultra chipsets.

Object Tracker is also more effective at tracking specific faces or objects on Mac computers using Apple SIlicon. It uses a new machine learning model.

What's new on iPad

Final Cut Pro on iPad gets new voice acting possibilities. Users can add voiceover by recording directly from the internal or connected microphone to the timeline, or trigger the voiceover using a countdown timer.

Final Cut Pro for iPad adds more effect filters

Pro camera mode includes stabilization to eliminate shaky frames. Imported videos can be inserted directly into your project to get started editing even faster.

The new group command allows users to combine a selected group of clips into a single storyline. Once merged, Magnetic Timeline helps organize the timeline.

Keyboard shortcuts have been added for speaking and grouping clips. There is also a new set of color correction settings, titles and generators.

Final Cut Pro for iPad supports importing projects created in iMovie for iOS. Users can then export Final Cut Pro projects to Mac to get additional tool sets there.

Apple says Final Cut Pro 10.7 will be available later in November. Mac owners will still have to pay the full App Store price of $299.99, while iPad users will cost $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

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